iSilo 5.26

Read documents on your phone


  • High compression ratios
  • Supports HTML and TXT documents
  • Accurate reproduction of tables and fonts


  • Occasionally has problems displaying links or graphics

Very good

I love the fact that I can browse web pages on my mobile phone. However, being the intellectual fellow I am, I often like to read long scientific journal entries or pore over long-winded reports and lectures about modern technology. This causes a problem, in that it takes a long time to read them online and I don't want to stay connected too long. Of course, I could download and save the page, but this then puts a burden on my phone's memory.

Step forward iSilo, a sophisticated reader for viewing HTML documents and text files on your Smartphone. The best thing about the software is that it uses a little trick to make these files as small as possible, saving you space on your device. With the help of its sister-Windows application iSiloX, the program converts documents originally saved as Web pages or text documents into TXT format.

As a pay off for the mighty compression rates offered by iSilo, you unfortunately lose some links in the conversion process. Some graphic formats aren't displayed properly when converted, but fonts and tables remain largely unaltered.

Aside from a few niggly display problems though, iSilo represents a great way of compressing HTML and text documents for viewing on your mobile device.

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iSilo 5.26

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